Making AR and AD Envelopes with an ADSR – Featuring WMD Javelin


Synth module makers WMD recently released a video showing how to make AD and AR envelopes using an ADSR envelope + VCA module.

In this video, WMD’s Alex demonstrates the differences of each style of envelope and how to make them with the WMD Javelin Envelope + VCA combo.

Alex explains what’s happening in the video:

“Snappy” is a subjective term commonly used to describe the way an envelope sounds. It can be likened to word like quick, fast, plucky, blippy etc. AD envelopes are known for their snappy qualities and strengths in making percussive blips and bongo like sounds. The javelin has lots of really unique options for an envelope like Accent, voltage levels, time ranges, and a mode switch that makes it act much more like a triggered A/D than your common ADSR. A super versatile module for all sounds and styles of synthesis.

We then go a bit deeper into what this type of envelope can be used for and introduce the WMD C4RBN filter to create a low-pass gate inspired patch.If you’ve ever wondered if the filter goes before or after the VCA, Alex shows examples of both and explains why you might want to do it one way or the other.

This is one of a slew of instructional videos on WMD’s YouTube channel.

Here’s another about the Javelin module, but instead of making “snappy” envelopes, Alex is creating very slow, long Eurorack envelope signals:

The modules demonstrated in the videos are available via the WMD website.


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