Meteaure Studios Intros Polaris Music Making App For Android


App developer Meteaure has introduced Polaris, a new music-making app for Android, that they say is designed to deliver a great experience, so users can focus on their creative process, and have fun while doing it.

It features six tracks controlled via a step sequencer, inspired by modern grooveboxes and drum machines. Each track features its own sample and synth engines, along with a multimode filter and extensive sound design capabilities.


  • Sequencer:
    • 16 steps on a 4×4 grid
    • Parameter step modulation (volume, cutoff, decay and pitch)
    • Per-track step length control (1/32 bar to 1 bar)
    • Sep trig conditions (play once every 2 or 4 loops)
  • 6 tracks, featuring:
    • A sample engine with 60+ factory samples and user sample import
    • A dual-oscillator synth engine
    • A multimode filter with dedicated modulation envelope
    • A distortion unit
    • Reverb and delay sends

Pricing and Availability:

Polaris is available now for 1.99 € until April 3  (normally 3.99€).


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