MicroDexed Touch Is An Open Source FM Groovebox


MicroDexed Touch is a fork of MicroDexed, which is a port of Dexed for Teensy 3.6/4.1 with a lot more functionality including multiple sound engines (2 x 16 voice DX7, 2x VA Monosynths, Layered Multi Samples, MDA ePiano, 8 voice Mutable Instruments Braids Oscillator), Euclidian arpeggiator, basic audio effects and a 8 track pattern song (tracker like) sequencer.

MicroDexed Touch is an advanced DIY project, based on a Teensy 4.1, PCM5102 Audio Board, 320×240 ILI9341 SPI Display with XPT2046 Touchscreen and a serial Flash Chip.

MicroDexed started as a Teensy based, 6-operator-FM-synthesizer. MicroDexed Touch offers a lot of new features/improvements:

  • “Large” Graphical Interface, view and edit multiple Parameters in one Screen
  • Use external MIDI gear over USB or MIDI Mini Jack (DIN MIDI with adaptor) from 2 x 16 MIDI Channels in the Sequencer
  • Map MIDI CC to external MIDI Devices to control Input/Parameters
  • Loading, playing and editing multi-sampled instruments or layered instruments in a “live” mode or played by the sequencer. Auto detection sample zones but also can be edited manually
  • 2 new “Virtual Analog” Synth Instances – Monosynths with one OSC, PWM, Filter and Noise. A lot of useful new sound possibilities. This module is called “MicroSynth”
  • Much improved Sequencer with 8 Tracks, 16 Step Patterns, 16 Step Pattern Chains, up to 16384 Song Steps, Arpeggiator with 1/8 – 1/64 Steps, Arp Patterns, Pitched Drum- and Instrument Sample Support
  • The sequencer can also play chords stacked up to 7 notes, using only a single track
  • Mixer View with all Channels
  • Multiband Master Compressor with 4 bands
  • Sample Management from SD-CARD and SPI FLASH, samples can be loaded/modified from SD-CARD to FLASH during runtime.
  • Touch Mute Matrix for live / realtime performance
  • Tracker View (Editor) – work in progress
  • Track Print/Recording – work in progress
  • Mutable Instruments Braids Oscillator – with up to 8 voice polyphony, added envelopes and filters, with everything of the core features, except the wavetables

See the project Github page for details.

via TheEvilDrSmith


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