MOD Audio Announces Three AI-Powered Guitar Amp Simulation Plugins


MOD Audio has introduced three AI-powered guitar amp simulation plugins, in collaboration with Aida DSP:

  • Vibro: American Sound – based on an original Fender Vibrolux amplifier, carefully modeled with AI.
  • JCVM: British Tone – captured from an iconic Marshall JVM410H amp head.
  • Tweaker: Every Sound – trained with the Egnater Tweaker 40 amp head.

The plugins use an elaborate “conditional modelling” approach, capturing the amplifier’s sound with the volume or gain knob in various positions and leveraging AI to extrapolate the rest. The company says that this technique provides musicians with precise control over their sound, delivering exceptional realism and responsiveness.

The plugins can be used with any of MOD Audio’s processors.

The company says that by combining advanced AI and groundbreaking modelling techniques, these plugins deliver great authenticity, responsiveness, and sonic depth.

Pricing and Availability:

The plugins are now available at the MOD Plugin Shop for 19,90€ each.


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