Moog Labyrinth Parallel Generative Analog Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)


Moog has not made an official announcement on this yet, but it looks like they have another all-in-one Mother-32 style synth in the works, the Labyrinth.

The Moog Labyrinth was briefly listed at the online retailer Turnlab, but their listing has since been taken down. The images have been widely reported, though, because of intense interest in Moog synths. It’s not clear if this is a leak or an intentional teaser, but either way, it’s generating buzz.

Moog filed to trademark the ‘Labyrinth’ name in 2023 to cover “Sound frequency filters for controlling audio parameters by raising or lowering the gain of specific audio frequencies using a multiple resonant filter array and animating those frequencies using a built-in pattern generator.”

The Moog Labyrinth is the latest in Moog’s all-in-one Eurorack synth format, established with the Mother-32. It joins the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon and Spectravox, which is debuting at Superbooth 2024.

The Labyrinth introduces a variety of interesting new capabilities to Moog’s Euro line, with what some may see as a ‘West Coast Synthesis’ emphasis.

The architecture features a primary VCO and mod VCO that are sequenced by a generative bit-shifting sequencer. The oscillators feed a ring modulator, and pass through a voltage controlled wavefolder and filter, which can be used both sequentially and in parallel. The VCW and VCF can be modulated by dual envelope generators and the two sequencer channels.

32 patch points add extensive patchability, and also the option to use the Labyrinth as part of a larger Eurorack system.

Pricing and Availability:

Official details on the Moog Labyrinth are to be announced.


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