Moog Synths At The Super Bowl Halftime Show (Moog Mirror Sighting)


Moog Music today shared this profile of Grammy-winning producer & songwriting duo The Avila Brothers, and their work on the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

The Avila Brothers have worked with Usher, Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle, Earth Wind & Fire and others.

The video focuses on how they produced the show, using a lineup of Moog instruments, including the Minimoog Model D, Moog One, Subsequent 37, Matriarch, Vocoder, Subharmonicon & a yet to be announced synth, rumored to be called the Moog Mirror.

The Avila Brothers have worked on live shows and records with Usher for years. Alongside production team members Lil Jon and Kronic, the brothers helped craft some of Usher’s greatest hits into a performance for the biggest audience of their careers.

The Moog Mirror has not been officially announced, but it is rumored to be an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. It’s expected to be the first new hardware synth the company will introduce since their purchase by InMusic, though they’ve recently released the Marina bass synth virtual instrument and Animoog Galaxy for the Apple Vision Pro.


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