Moogerfooger Effects Now Available As Individual Plug-ins


Moog Music let us know that they are now making the Moogerfoooger Effects plugins available individually.

“The top request we’ve received from creatives has been the ability to buy these effects individually,” they note. “Today, all eight plug-ins are now available for individual purchase and as customizable build-your-own sets.”

Moog has also released a seven-song compilation EP, recorded using the full collection of Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins. Using a range of instruments to complement the software, seven artists explore effects as a tool for songwriting and sound design.

Sonic Explorations features tracks from Detroit-based deep house producer Kyle Hall; songwriter and thereminist Caroline Scruggs; genre-defining ambient musician Robert Rich; legendary producer King Britt; immersive ambient composer, producer, and guitarist Christopher Willits; electronic composer Colleen; and multi-instrumentalist Charley Damski.

You can listen to the EP below:

Pricing and Availability

The Moogerfooger Effects are available now with the following pricing:

  • Individual Purchase (1 Plug-in): $59-$79 each
  • Build-Your-Own Set (2 Plug-ins): $99
  • Build-Your-Own Set (4 Plug-ins): $149
  • Complete Suite (8 Plug-ins) : $279


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