Moon Modular’s Gert Jalass Has Died


Gert Jalass, the head of Moon Modular, a German manufacture of modern synth modules in Moog format, died unexpectedly ahead of this year’s Superbooth 2024.

Superbooth announced the sad news:

“Today, Thursday may 16th we just found out, we lost our dear friend an colleague Gerd Jallas of moon modular.

Many of you have known Gerd through all these trade shows here in berlin and in the usa. We were supposed to help Gerd with demos this year in den moon booth as we all have in the past but sadly this year we will not.

We are at a great loss, we will miss you, our dear friend.”

Jalass died of a heart attack May 7th while vacationing in Denmark.

With Moon Modular, Jalass created a comprehensive line of Moog format synth modules.

15 years ago, Moon introduced its first modules, with an emphasis on creating new ways to trigger signals and control voltages in MU format. While many MU synth makers at the time were sticking close to classic Moog designs, Jalass created original, modern designs with the look and large format feel of vintage designs.

Hans Zimmer was an early adopter of Gert Jalass‘s designs, incorporating Moon Modular’s seqeuncers into his massive Moog format modular rig.

Moon is probably best known for its sequencing modules, which brought features like memory, randomization, and polymetric sequencing to MU.

Modules like the M 569 v2 Quad Sequential Voltage Source and the M 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source, above, were quickly embraced by fans of the MU format, because they fit in beautifully with more traditional MU systems, but tremendously expanded the possibilities of these systems.

Composers Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) were early adopters of Moon’s sequencing modules. When you see Zimmer’s giant modular wall, Jalass’s designs have a prominent place.

Over the last decade and a half, Jalass expanded the Moon Modular line to offer a rich and deep array of modules, complete systems, Moog expansion cabinets, standalone sequencers and more.

Ahead of this year’s Superbooth, Jalass let us know that Moon Modular would be introducing two new Moog format filter modules, inspired by modules from the West and East. Sadly, he will not there to present his latest designs.

Here’s Jalass presenting his System-X modular system at Noisebug, about five years ago:

Jalass also was a synthesist, and performed music influenced by Berlin School musicians of the ’70s and ’80s.

Here’s a live performance from Superbooth 18, featuring Jalass, Udo Hanten & Albin Meskes:

Jalass regularly presented his latest creations at the NAMM Show, Superbooth and other synth events.

We always looked forward to meeting with him at these events, because he always had interesting new modules that he was excited to share, and because he was a friendly and funny guy. He will be missed, as a colleague and as a friend.

Photos: Theo Bloderer,
Noisebug video via synth4ever


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