muSonics Vanilla Modular Synthesizer First Look


manmade madman shared this unofficial video demo of the new muSonics Vanilla Modular Synthesizer, which will make its official debut at Knobcon 2023, being held September 8-10, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Chicago.

The Vanilla synthesizer is a modular synthesizer in MU format, inspired, in part, by the Oberheim SEM and Two Voice synthesizers. As shown, it has normalled CV/Gate, two oscillators, a multimode SEM filter, two Attack/Decay/Sustain envelopes, each with built in VCA’s, and an output mixer.

They note, “You can think of this as a modular ‘best of’ modular Oberheim SEM.”

The new muSonics is headed by Suit & Tie Guy, head of STG Soundlabs and creator of Knobcon, and operating under the name STG muSonics. Details are to come at the muSonics site.


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