MuTools MuLab 9 Adds Live Clip Matrix, Modular Composer & More


I haven’t even thought about MuLab in a very long time. I remember it being sent to me when it was in its “incarnation” phase for potential review in the magazine I was a contributor to at the time. That would have been in the mid 2000s (2005-2007). I remember thinking that the concept was ambitious but that the raw processing power needed to run the envisioned application was nowhere near available at the time. I never reviewed it because I couldn’t get to run stably on any computer I had access to at the time. Well, I guess the processing power has caught up with the application. I found the videos there to be quite illuminating. With little knowledge of the history of its development over the last 15, or so, years, I’d say that its existence now as Version 9 suggests that quite a lot must have gone into it since I first experimented with it. I remember thinking, when I first looked at it, that this could be “the next really big thing if they could get the vision to work reliably”. However, that it is up to version 9 and this is the first I’ve heard of it since the 2000s suggests that I may have been wrong in that initial assessment. For what it will cost me to find out how far it has come, I’m very likely to order a copy soon.


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