Naada Collection I Brings Physically Modeled Indian + Asian Instruments To GeoShred


Wizdom Music and moForte have released Naada Instruments for GeoShred.

As with all GeoShred instruments, these are models of the physics of the instrument, designed to be are expressive and interactive. They work with the GeoShred keyboard, MPE MIDI controllers, conventional MIDI controllers and wind controllers.

The new instruments include:

  • Naada Bansuri
  • Naada Shehnai
  • Naada Duduk
  • Naada Carnatic Violin
  • Naada Sarangi
  • Naada Erhu
  • Naada Saraswati Veena

Pricing and Availability

These new instruments are offered as In-App-Purchases (IAPs) for GeoShred Pro, Play and Control and are priced at $14.99 USD each. In addition, the Naada 1 Collection of all 7 instruments, is available for $74.99 USD.


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