NANO Modules Performance Mixer For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers Hands-On Demo


Here’s an overview of the NANO Modules Performance Mixer & EXP4 for Eurorack modular systems.

The Performance Mixer features individual Volume control for each channel, letting you adjust how loud each sound is in the mix. The mixer also has Panning, so you can place sounds in different parts of the stereo field.

There are 2 Auxiliary Sends on the mixer, which can be set to either PRE or POST VCA, allowing you to route channel signals to external effects. It also includes two Stereo Returns with their own volume controls. The mixer features Clickless Mute controls for each channel, making it easy to turn sounds on and off without changing volume settings.

The Cue bus is useful for setting up tracks before they go live, especially in live performances, or even for routing channels for external processing.

The mixer includes a Phone amplifier for direct monitoring of the main mix, the cue bus, or a blend of both. This makes the Performance Mixer a versatile tool for both live shows and studio work.

Each channel comes with a Knob Recording function. This lets you record and replay adjustments you make with the knobs. Additionally, the mixer has a Master Volume adjust for the main mix, giving you overall control of the output level.

The Expander 4 expands the Performance Mixer in the following ways:

  • Stereo Outputs for each channel.
  • CV over the MUTE function.
  • CV AUX for the Stereo Channels.

Pricing and Availability:

The Performance Mixer is available now for 575,00€, and the Expander 4 is available for 115,00€.


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