New Apple Vision Pro App, MIDI Widgets, Lets You Add Virtual Controls To Your Hardware Synths


Developer Geert Bevin (Moog Music, Roger Linn Design LinnStrument, MPE Standard) shared this video demo of MIDI Widgets, a new application for Apple Vision Pro that lets you add virtual controls to your hardware MIDI instruments.

MIDI Widgets is the first spatial MIDI designer. It lets you create virtual faders, buttons and knobs that you can position, anywhere in your physical spaces. The MIDI control widgets will stay anchored in space where you put them.

In the video, Bevin demonstrates adding custom virtual MIDI controls for the Subsequent 37. While the Subsequent 37 is already a knobby synth, it’s easy to imagine using MIDI Widgets to expanding the capabilities of synths like the Yamaha DX7 and the Sequential SixTrak, which have great-sounding synth engines, limited by clunky patch editing.


  • Designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro
  • Create as many faders, buttons and knobs as you need
  • Freely position and orient individual controllers
  • Spatial snapping makes it easy to build out perfectly aligned larger control surfaces
  • Controllers automatically remain anchored to their location, even across restarts
  • Controllers can be grouped in scenes and are easily recalled for different purposes
  • Freely re-position and re-orient entire scenes
  • Scenes can send MIDI messages to multiple configurable MIDI ports
  • Support for Bluetooth LE MIDI devices
  • Built-in virtual MIDI to send MIDI to other Vision Pro apps on the same device
  • Per controller MIDI channel selection
  • Per controller MIDI Control Change, Channel Pressure, Program Change or Pitch Bend messages
  • Per controller 7-bit and 14-bit Control Change resolution
  • Controllers can optionally reset to a neutral position upon release
  • Faders and knobs can be unidirectional or bidirectional
  • Every part of a control can be assigned a different color for recognizability
  • Colors can easily be copied and pasted, individually or as complete color schemes
  • Controllers can have optional labels that can be placed on any of the four edges
  • A floating tool window follows your left or right hand and allows editing anywhere
  • Multiple controllers can be used simultaneously, allowing for dual hand interaction

Pricing and Availability:

MIDI Widgets For Vision Pro is available now for $9.99 USD.


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