New CS-80V Sound Library, Replicant’s Dreams, Inspired By Sounds Of Blade Runner


A-Grade Audio has released Replicant’s Dreams, a new sound library for Arturia CS-80V, inspired by the the Vangelis soundtrack to Blade Runner.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Comprised of 100 presets for Arturia CS80V (version 4 and up required). Heavily influenced by the Bladerunner soundtrack and old school cyberpunk aesthetic, the overall mood and character of this bank is emotive, cinematic and dreamy, with an undercurrent of tension lurking just below the surface.”


20 Keys
20 Pads
17 Basses
16 Leads
8 Plucks
5 Bells
5 FX
4 Arps
3 Synth Brass
3 Synth Percussion

Pricing and Availability

Replicant’s Dreams is available now with an intro price of $5.95 (normally $9.95).


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