New England Synth Fest Coming February 22, 2024


Organizers of the New England Synth Fest lets us know that the next event is scheduled for Thursday, February 22 at the Museum of Science Boston.

The event will feature performances in the Planetarium by xperseai with visuals by Black Tourmaline, Switch Angel with visuals by Char Stiles, and Dox Malice with visuals by GQZ.

In addition, there will be lobby stage performances by Doug Bielmeier, Moonbeam, and Beantown Network Orchestra, along with exhibitors in the Museum Lobby.

The Lobby experience starts at 7:00pm. Planetarium shows are scheduled for 7:30pm (sold out) and 9:30pm (act fast). Tickets are available at the Museum of Science website for $15 USD.




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