New Generation Loss MKII – The Boards Of Canada Pedal?


Chase Bliss shared this preview of the Generation Loss mkII – a sort of “Boards Of Canada” hardware effect, described as “a study of tape in all its forms.”

It’s inspired by the sound of VHS tape audio.

“We decided to start from scratch this time and really explore what tape is all about,” they note. “We took apart VCRs, we analyzed anything we could find with a tape in it, from camcorders to cassette decks.”


  • Explore different tape models and find your match.
  • Introduce unpredictability with the customizable Failure knob.
  • True stereo I/O, with unique failure-based stereo spread.
  • Flick back to classic mode at any time.

Generation Loss MKII also features advanced connectivity and customization options, including MIDI, CV and Expression control, presets, and internal modulation of any or all its knobs.

Generation Loss mkII Walkthrough

Pricing and Availability

Generation Loss MKII is available to pre-order for $399 USD.


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