New Life Goals: Live To 66, Make Brutal Techno, & Have A Quarter Of A Million YouTube Followers


CDM’s Peter Kirn turned us on to the Global Shuffle Dance Channel, the Youtube presence of techno producer Nick Hayes, aka The Last DJ.

Hayes is 66, a grandpa, and makes brutal techno with his Elektron Syntakt. And, with nearly a quarter of a million subscribers, he’s clearly doing it right. New life goals!

When he’s not unleashing sick beats, he’s sharing his experience with gear, like demonstrating how to make an epic build up:

Or showing how grandad makes a rocking & jacking baseline on the Roland S1:

“Techno music has no age limit,” says Hayes.

“Age should never be a barrier to pursuing any form of creative expression, including making techno music,” he adds. “Music production, including techno, is a diverse and inclusive field where people of all ages can contribute their unique perspectives and experiences. Whether you’re young or old, as long as you have the passion and dedication, you can definitely create amazing techno music.”


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