New Magazine From Australia, Modul8, Features ’56 Pages Of Utter Synth Geekery’


Modul8 is a new synth print magazine from Australia that’s devoted to “showcasing artists who are extending what electronic music means”.

The premiere issue features interviews with Detroit / Berlin based Dub Monitor, YouTube synth philosopher JAde Wii, regional Victoria’s best Pure Data wrangler Nicky Systems, lofi lover Kozeps and Melbourne’s Make It Up Club legend Stevie Richards.

Modul8 # 1 also has contributions from analogue stalwart Todd Barton, Paleman and “Melbourne’s undisputed 303 champion”, Honeysmack.

All up, its 56 pages of “utter synth geekery” from around the world.

The magazine was created during Victoria’s covid lockdown by co-founders Phil Coyle and Corey Hague.

“We just wanted something that felt a bit deeper than social media,” explains Coyle. “We both remembered how important and influential magazines had been on us, so we decided to try and make something that lasted longer than a swipe.”

Pricing and Availablity

The premier issue of Modul8 is available now for $15.00.


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