New MIDI Sequencer, Binarhythmic Rhythm Generator, Generates Sequences Based On Binary Arithmetic


Developer Cem Olcay has introduced Binarhythmic, a binary based MIDI sequencer for iOS and M1 Macs.

Binarhythmic generates rhythmic sequences based on binary arithmetic. Each bit in the binary number represents a MIDI gate with a note, note length, velocity and MIDI channel options.

You can create different rhythmic variations with gate type, multiplier and logic operations. And, with the randomizer, you can randomize the notes, gate length and velocity.

Binarhythmic runs as standalone app, as well as AUv3 MIDI Plugin. You can create AU presets and use AU parameters of the AUv3 plugin. You can control or even automate every AU parameter of Binarhythmic.

You can modulate the multiplier parameter with PatternBud. You can also control the key and scale with BrainBud.

Note: Binarhythmic is a MIDI app and does not produce any sound on its own. You need to route its MIDI output to an audio app. For using the AUv3 plugin, you need an AUv3 host app such as AUM, Cubasis, Nanostudio, Loopy Pro etc.

Pricing and Availability:

Binarhythmic is available now for $5.99 USD.


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