New Nibbler Eurorack Module From Schlappi Engineering


Schlappi Engineering has announced that The Nibbler, a new module for exploring the musicality of counting in binary, is now available to pre-order.

It is a CMOS-based four bit accumulator, which means it counts from 0 to 15 in binary and overflows above that. It has separate gate outputs for each of the bits, as well as two stepped analog voltages made from adding those bits together.

It also has inputs for each of the bits as well as shifting, resetting, and changing the direction of the counter.

It runs up to audio rates, where is is useful for subharmonic and noise generation and down to LFO, rate where it can be used for arpeggio-like sequences and rhythm generation.

The Nibbler Overview Video:


  • 5 rhythmically related gate outputs (or audio rate square waves)
  • 2 stepped voltage outputs
  • Second stepped voltage has selectable phase offset
  • Cherry MX Brown switch for reset
  • 4 gate inputs for modulation
  • Chainable using carry in and out
  • Reset input can be used as hard sync at audio rate
  • Subtract input can add variation to sequences
  • Synchronous and asynchronous output modes
  • Shift register functionality
  • CMOS logic design
  • 12 HP
  • Skiff friendly 28mm depth (35mm including cables)
  • POWER DRAW: +12V 37mA, -12V 17mA

Pricing and Availability:

The Nibbler is available to pre-order for $240 USD.


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