New Open Source Instrument, Theremotion, Updates Theremin For 21st Century


Developer Pierre Lulé has introduced a new, open source instrument, inspired by the theremin, Theremotion.

Like a theremin, the position of your hand in the air controls the pitch and volume of the sound. However, you can also control more dimensions of the sound with specific motions.

Theremotion is based on the Leap Motion Controller, which means that it tracks hand movements more consistently than traditional theremin technology, and does skeletal modeling, which supports additional types of gestural control.

With specific hand positions, you can control a low pass filter, a supersaw sound, a guitar sound and more. You can also make the instrument “stick” to a scale, making it easier to control than traditional theremin designs.


  • Theremotion is a synthesizer controlled by your hands.
  • Move up and down your right hand to control the volume.
  • Move up and down your left hand to control the pitch.
  • Move your right hand on the horizontal plane to control the filter.
  • Advance left hand on the horizontal plane to play a chord.
  • Pinch with your left hand to stick on a scale.
  • Pinch with your right hand, and rotate it to play guitar.


Theremotion is an open source project, available via GitHub. The Leap Motion Controller is available for about $110 USD.


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