New Release From Lisa Bella Donna, Subsequent Dreams


Synthesist and Sonic Sorceress Lisa Bella Donna has released a new album, Subsequent Dreams, filled with synthy ‘Summer songs’.

Here’s what Bella Donna has to say about it:

“Subsequent Dreams is an album of Summer songs….
Myriads of sunlight, mornings mists, sunsets, and journals of gratitude.
Always feeling free and clear to explore new ways to express.
By request, some 80s colors and fragrance ornamenting the music.”

The album features Moog Synthesizers & Sequencers, ARP 2600, ARP Omni, ARP Odyssey, Polymoog, Roland D-50, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha DX7 II, Moog One, Bass, Mellotron, Korg Polyphonic Ensemble S, Linn Drum, Roland TR77 & Percussion.

Lisa Bella Donna’s Subsequent Dreams is available at Bandcamp, and you can preview it via the embed below:


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