New Text-Based MIDI Sequencer For iOS, Textquencer


Developer Cem Olcay let us know about their latest app, Textquencer, an iOS app that converts text into MIDI.

Just write or paste some text and Textquencer will convert the text to MIDI. Each letter will be a note in the scale you are using.

For example, in C-major scale:

  • Letter A (index = 1) is Note C (first note in the scale)
  • Letter B (index = 2) is Note D (second note in the scale)
  • Letter C (index = 3) is Note E (third note in the scale)
  • Letter H (index = 8) is Note C but an octave higher, and so on.

You can also create custom character mapping for emojis, non-English letters, punctuation and symbols. A custom character can mapped to a specific MIDI note or a specific note in the scale, like the first note in the scale, the third note in the scale etc.

Unless a character is custom mapped, a letter in English alphabet or a number, it will be a rest in the sequencer.

You can also randomize the velocity and gate lengths in each step if you want. You can enable it on the settings menu and set a randomization min-max range.

Note: Textquencer is a MIDI app and does not create any sound on its own. You need to route Textquencer’s MIDI output to your audio app’s MIDI input. The standalone app supports Ableton Link. For using the AUv3 plugin, you need an AUv3 host app such as AUM, Cubase, Nanostudio etc.

Pricing and Availability

Textquencer is available now for $4.99 USD.


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