New User Oscillators For Korg ‘Logue Synthesizers


Developer Mark Moore let us know that he’s released a collection of user oscillators for the Korg ‘Logue synths, including the Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1.

tsoniq viper oscillators recreate classic waveforms and wavetables from the Korg DW-8000, Kawai K3, Ensoniq ESQ-1 and PPG Wave.


  • Dual oscillators
  • High quality, alias-free synthesis core with 16 bit sample resolution
  • Simulated multi-sampling allows tonal shifts at different key ranges
  • Slew-rate limiting for glitch-free modulation
  • Single-stage pitch envelope for ‘auto-bend’ effects and white noise generator
  • Wavetable modulation using the filter EG and shape LFO2

viper is available now for €20.00.

tsoniq ds80 is a ‘Logue user oscillator that emulates the digital waveforms of the vintage Digisound DS-80-21 VCDO rack module .

The use of additive synthesis means that the output is very high quality, with full anti-aliasing. It is also permits efficient compression of the sound data, allowing a full set of 32 wavetables from the PPG Wave to fit into a single ‘Logue plugin.


  • 32 waveforms in 4+1 banks
  • Reproduces variable-sample-rate waveform artefacts
  • Alias-free sample generation
  • Single oscillators plus white noise
  • Waveforms can be selected individually or swept smoothly as a wavetable
  • Bandwidth limiter
  • ‘Analog’ tuning drift’

ds80 is available now as a free download.


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