New Vangelis Tribute Album, Tears In Rain, Features Music From 37 Artists From Around The World


Aural Films has released Tears In Rain – Vangelis Tribute, a compilation features music from 37 artists, from around the world, that have been inspired by the music of the late electronic music pioneer, Vangelis.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“From ambient, to experimental, and the symphonic, the work of Vangelis covered a lot of ground. Thirty-seven artists from around the world have contributed their own reflections on his vast career, that you can hear in the 4.5 hours of music in this special collection.”

The album is not just a tribute to Vangelis, but also a benefit project. All proceeds will be donated to planting trees with the Billion Trees Project.

“Much like we are facing with climate change today, the underlying theme of Blade Runner is about humanity’s struggle on a dying planet,” they note. “Thus, we are using this project to help support and revitalize the planet. In this way, we can celebrate the life of a great artist, and help others with the power of sound.”

Tears in Rain is available now via Bandcamp. You can preview it via the embed below:


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