New WYSIWYG Tool, Kontakt GUI Maker, Lets You Create Virtual Instruments Without Any Coding


Rigid Audio has introduced Kontakt GUI Maker, a WSIWYG (what you see is what you get) style tool that lets you create virtual instruments without any coding.

It comes with a pre-made Kontakt (*.NKI) instrument that you can just add your samples to. It features 16 sample layers, each with its own envelopes, modulation routings, LFOs, effects and more.

It features a library of interface elements, including knobs, switches and backgrounds to get you started. You can also import your own PNG files to customize the interface.

Kontakt GUI Maker also comes with 260 premade actions. These let you do things like create knobs to control the parameters of an envelope for your samples, or create a knob to control the filter cutoff action.

The intro video, embedded above, demonstrates how you can use Kontakt GUI Maker to build a build a simple drum machine virtual instrument. Once you’ve built your custom virtual instrument, you can share or sell them, with no licensing fee.

Pricing and Availability:

Kontakt GUI Builder is available for Windows with an intro price of $59.99 (25% off the normal price). The developers say that a macOS version is planned for later this year.


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