Nkisi Live Performance & Patch Notes


This video, via FACTmagazine, captures a live, improvised performance by Nkisi that makes interesting use of classic Korg Electribe groove boxes and the SOMA Pipe voice-controlled synthesizer and effects processor.

In July 2021, Fact travelled to Italy’s Nextones Festival, where Nkisi was performing alongside Caterina Barbieri, as part of her new light-years platform. Nkisi performed an exclusive Patch Notes performance for Fact, set amongst the rocks of the Roncino quarry in the Ossola Valley that is home to Nextones.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details:

Nkisi’s setup was one of the most unique we’ve seen on Patch Notes, with a strange electronic wind instrument providing eerie textures.

“[I performed with] a couple of drum machines and FX pedals (this time I took my Korg Tribes out), a CDJ connected through a Tera Echo FX pedal, my Siren noise machine, and my favourite gear of the moment, the SOMA pipe, Nkisi says. I got into their gear through a friend showing me Ether, their electromagnetic recorder.”

As Nkisi explains, the performance was improvised. “I like to give myself some parameters and go from there – connect with the elements, tune into the micro black holes, invoke the spirits and ancestors… I guess they decide.”

“I like to go for how I feel at the time of the performance, my setup is mostly an expression of my musical state.”

Nkisi’s music is available via Bandcamp

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