Noise Engineering Introduces Two New Eurorack Modules, Polydactyl Versio & Tymp Legio


Noise Engineering has released two new modules, one for each of their module platforms:

The Polydactyl Versio is Noise Engineering’s take on a stereo multiband dynamics processor.

They say that it is equally at home on single-instrument timbral processing and on end-of-chain gloss and mix cohesion. Polydactyl applies a transparent algorithm across three adjustable bands for maximal dynamic impact. If transparent doesn’t suit your needs, you can also add in multiband saturation. Polydactyl also features a noise gate and limiting capabilities.

Tymp Legio is inspired by the Noise Engineering team’s love of all types of bang/crash/kick/boom sounds. They took the challenge of a small percussion module as an opportunity to fit the drums they wanted quick access to into 6hp. They say that Tymp is all about playfulness and fun, with an easy-to-use interface that puts a wide tonal and textural range under your control.

Both modules are part of the Noise Engineering platform concept: Owners of any Versio or Legio module can swap the firmware to any other firmware for that platform, completely free, at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

Pricing and Availability:

Both modules are available to preorder now, with shipping starting August 25, 2022. The Tymp Legio is priced at $279 USD, and the Polydactyl Versio is priced at $355.


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