Noise Engineering Intros Univer Inter Configurable USB/MIDI-to-CV Interface


Noise Engineering has introduced Univer Inter, a flexible and fully configurable MIDI-to-CV converter in 6HP.

Univer Inter has 8 outputs that can be configured to convert almost any MIDI message to voltage. MIDI devices can be connected directly via 1/8th” TRS, with adapters included to connect to MIDI DIN devices, or via a class-compliant USB B port.

Along with converting MIDI from almost any source to analog voltages, Univer Inter can function as a USB to MIDI adapter, capable of sending and receiving MIDI.

MIDI-to-CV interfaces are often used with MIDI sequencers, or to play notes on a Eurorack system with a DAW’s piano roll. The Noise Engineering team wanted Univer Inter to seamlessly integrate into a system to control monophonic voices across multiple channels, create polyphonic patches for chords and complex melodic lines, or use note triggers to build a drum kit in a modular case.

Univer Interís extensive clock output settings are designed to make synchronizing in-the-rack sequencers to a DAW or MIDI clock simple. Configure reset messages to work as start or stop triggers (or both), divide clocks to a wide variety of musical values, or use DIN sync-style run and 24ppqn clock outputs. Other output options include pitch, gate, and CC modulation and more.

For users interested in more complex polyphony patches, two Univer Inters can be chained together for a total of 16 CV outs from a single MIDI connection. Four-voice polyphonic patching with aftertouch and velocity, eight-voice simple polyphony, 16-channel CC-controlled modulation, or complex drum triggering are all simple to configure and control.

Univer Inter launches with over 20 behaviors available per output; the team expects to add other tuning specs and other features later this year. They are also soliciting feedback on what features the community would like to see incorporated.

Pricing and Availability:

Univer Inter is available now to pre-order for $275 USD, with shipping starting at the end of June, 2023.


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