Phase Plant Expressive Suite Features 400 MPE Presets For Osmose & Other MPE Controllers



Expressive E has introduced Phase Plant Expressive Suite, a new sound library for Kilohearts’ Phase Plant software synthesizer that’s designed with expressive MPE performance in mind.

“We have worked hand in hand with our friends at Kilohearts for a seamless plug-and-play MPE experience with Osmose,” they say.

The library features 400 MPE presets (4 banks with 100 presets each) for Kilohearts’ Phase Plant plugin. The library is available separately or in a bundle with Phase Plant.

Pricing and Availability:

The collection of 4 MPE sound banks (400+ presets) is available now for €39.00 (normally €79.00), or as a bundle with Phase Plant for €99.00.


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