Pittsburgh Modular Taiga Review


In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new Pittsburgh Modular Taiga, a 3-oscillator semi-modular paraphonic synthesizer that can be used standalone, or as a 60HP panel in a larger Eurorack system.

Eliraz describes Taiga as what Bob Moog & Don Buchla might have created, if they had collaborated on a synth in the 70s.

What do you think of it? Check out Taiga review and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:50 Overview
5:10 Oscillators
10:05 Sync
11:10 Glide
11:30 3 more LFOs
12:20 Mixer
13:00 Preamp
14:20 Mix/Split
15:00 Filter
18:30 Dynamics
21:55 Delay
22:45 Modulation
23:30 Ctrl module
23:55 Arp
25:25 Sequencer
25:45 Vel modes
27:40 CC modes
28:00 S&H
28:30 Pros & cons
31:40 Outro


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