Polyend Tracker Plus Adds New Sampling & Synthesis Options


Ahead of Superbooth 2024, Polyend has introduced the Tracker+, a Stereo Sampler, 16-track Sequencer, Synthesizer and Drum Machine.

They say that the Tracker+ improves on the original Tracker in almost every way, adding USB audio, Stereo sampling and playback, Synthesizer and drum machine engines, 8 extra tracks of MIDI and synth engine sequencing, increased sample memory and more.

Here’s what’s new in the Polyend Tracker+:

  • Tracker+ adds four synth engines exclusive to Polyend’s devices. Eight voices can be loaded per project into three synth instruments.
    • ACDTM – transports you back to the golden age of electronic music with its recreation of iconic single-oscillator monophonic analog synths
    • FATTM – a powerhouse synth engine that epitomizes the lush, vintage warmth of classic analog synthesizers with three virtual analog oscillators, an intuitive drift and detune control.
    • VAPTM – Virtual Analog Polysynth, boasting a dual-oscillator architecture and a versatile modulation matrix.
    • WTFMTM – unique 2-operator FM synth engine that utilizes WaveTable-based oscillators driven by a 3x feedback system.
  • PERC is a unique drum synthesis machine that can be loaded into a synth instrument. It takes up 1 of the 8 synth voices but can simultaneously play back up to five unique drum sounds.
    • Drums include a Kick, Tom, Snare, open and closed Hi-Hats, Cymbal, and Perc for each kit.
    • Every drum is deeply tweakable with detailed control of parameters for each drum sound for a massive variety of drum tones.
  • Tracker+ adds a refined synth editor designed for fast patch editing.
    • It uses the grid for quick access to different parameters and control of over 100 different synth parameters and multi-macros.
    • Six multi-macros can be either sequenced or controlled in real-time via the instrument parameters page. A
    • Add Tracker’s classic Step FX to these synth sequences to compose dynamic and evolving synth patterns easily.
    • Over 250 professional synth presets are included.
  • Expanded Sequencer and Song Mode – Tracker+ adds 8 additional MIDI/Synth tracks for 16 tracks total.
    • The first eight tracks are universal and can sequence stereo sample-based instruments, MIDI, or Synth engines.
    • Tracks 9-16 can sequence MIDI tracks or Synth and drum machine instruments.
    • Synths can be resampled in stereo, saved, and loaded into sample instruments as well.
    • Tracker’s advanced song mode has been expanded to accommodate all sixteen tracks.
  • Tracker+ can sample in stereo or mono via the TRS audio input. Resampling of synths or samples, wavetables, the granular engine and all other playback modes are also now in stereo.
  • Tracker+ gets advanced USB functionality with Audio over USB and USB mass storage.
  • Manage your files on a computer over USB without removing the SD card.
    • Record multitrack audio with 14 tracks of audio over USB sent directly to your DAW. U
    • SB Audio Tracks include one master track, eight stereo sample tracks, one track per synth engine, and delay and reverb effect sends.
  • Hardware Upgrades – The hardware has been upgraded with faster processing, increased memory for around eleven minutes of mono or five minutes of stereo sampling, new soft-touch mechanical buttons, and a refined jog wheel.
  • Tracker Mini Compatibility – With the Tracker Mini 2.0 update, Tracker+ projects will be completely compatible with Tracker Mini, record a sketch on your Tracker Mini and finish it on Tracker+. Tracker Mini 2.0 will arrive this summer.
  • In addition, Tracker+ includes all the features from the original Tracker.

Pricing and Availability:

Tracker+ is available now for $/€ 799.


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