PWM Malevolent Synthesizer Hands-On Review


In his latest Sonic Lab review, Sonic State’s Nick Batt takes an in-depth look at the PWM Malevolent synthesizer.

The PWM Malevolent is a keyboard monosynth that features a pure analog signal path, Eurorack-compatible patchability and a relatively affordable €579.99 price tag.

It offers two analog oscillators, LFO, 2 EGs, VCF + VCA. And the keyboard offers a latching arpeggiator, along with pitch, velocity & gate control voltage outputs.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
02:45 Oscillators
07:34 Filter + Drive
09:30 Sound Examples
10:46 Joystick + more sounds
15:28 LFO + more patching
21:03 Arpegiator + more patching
25:02 Conclusion

Check out the review and share your thoughts on the PWM Malevolent in the comments!


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