RackBlox Eurorack Case System Is Free, Open-Source & Will Hold Your Beer


Developer, synthesist and 3D printing enthusiast Geert Bevin has introduced RackBlox, a system of 3D-printable modular Eurorack case boxes, for single modules or groups of modules that belong together.

Bevin is best known for his role as Director of Software Development at Moog, and for his work in creating the MIDI MPE standard. But he’s also a proponent of 3D printing.

During the pandemic, he made and donated over 1,000 masks with replaceable filters, and open-sourced the designs. More recently, he’s created the Dynamod Game System for creating custom gaming maps and a system of synth patch overlays for the visually impaired.

RackBlox is a system of printable ‘case boxes’. They’re designed in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4HP to 20HP.

Modules mount in the cases boxes, without the need to use screws, using a ‘slide and snap’ design. Each box can be protected with a lid that works both when used in a larger case or standalone for storage.

Individual module cases attach together, so you can create cases of any size that you like, and even rearrange your system without having to remove your modules.

In addition to holding your modules, you can print a beverage holder that keep your beverage of choice securely in place.

Here’s Bevin’s video overview:

“I’ve open-sourced the unique and innovative design elements, including the sliding box connector, the screwless module attachment, the snap-on lid and more,” notes Bevin. “The 4HP and 10HP finished designs are available for free, as well as the sides.”

The complete set of STL files is available to Patreon backers for $5. See the project site for details.


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