Reliq Matrix Mixer, Sequencer & DAW Controller (Sneak Preview)


Reliq Instruments has shared a sneak preview of Reliq, a new grid-based sequencer, mixer and controller that they describe as “The World’s First Hybrid Control Surface”.

Reliq is designed to let you route, sequence and control all of your music production gear:

  • Route and Mix 16×16 Analog Signals
  • Sequence Analog Signal Routings in Musical Time
  • Sequence 16 Tracks with 32 CVs, 3 MIDI Outs and USB.
  • Get Physical Control of your DAW and Software Instruments
  • Sync With your DAW with a Dedicated Plugin


  • Analog Matrix-Mixer Lets You Route, Mix, Store And Sequence Eurorack And Signal Patches
    • Connect any Input to any Output with just the Press of a Button
    • Store and Recall Signal Routings in Real-Time Without any Sound Interruptions
    • Sequence Patches in Musical Tempo for a vast Music Exploration Experience.
  • ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Sequencer
    • 16 Polyphonic Sequencers
    • Euclidian Mode
    • Polyrythms / Polymeters
    • Stochastic Modes
    • 8 Voice Polyphony per Track
    • High-Resolution Recording
    • MPE Compatibility
    • Real Time Parameters Recording
    • Melody/Pattern Generation
    • LFO & Envelope per track
    • Real-Time Midi Effects
    • 128 Patterns per Track
  • A Modulation Factory
    • Draw Your Modulation: Automations, LFOs And Envelopes At Your Fingertips!
    • Advanced CC Modulation,
    • MPE Modulation
    • LFOs, and Envelopes per Track
    • Custom Modulation Waveforms
  • A Fully-Integrated DAW Controller
    • Trigger Loops and Clips From your DAW
    • Control Mixers and Software Instruments
    • Arrange Clips and Record from Hardware
    • Synchronize and Control Reliq From your DAW with a Dedicated Plug-in
  • Full Range Of I/O
    • 3 x MIDI outs,
    • 1 x MIDI IN
    • 1 x USB-C MIDI
    • 1 x USB HOST port
    • 16 x gates ( 5~10V)
    • 32 x CV outs (+/-5V ~ +/-10V)
    • 1 x Reset out
    • 1 x Clock out

Reliq’s connectivity is via a breakout box that offers 32 CV outs, 16 Gates and 16×16 Matrix I/O. It can be powered directly from Reliq via USB-C or via Eurorack power supply with a standard connector

Reliq’s breakout can stay at any corner of your studio or in your Eurorack case, for staying always patched.

Pricing and Availability:

Reliq will be available to pre-order for $1099 (normally $1699). Details on availability are still to be announced.


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