Rhodes Intros V8 Virtual Instrument, A ‘Deeply-Sampled and Modeled’ Rhodes MK8


Rhodes has introduced Rhodes V8 Plugin, the first official Rhodes plugin, featuring a “faithful deeply sampled and modeled recreation’ of their MK8.

V8 is a virtual instrument based on their recently introduced Rhodes V8 electric piano. The V8 plugin is based on over 30k samples and uses over 100 velocity layers.

The first video, embedded above, offers a deep overview of V8. The second video, below, covers the advanced features:

Pricing and Availability:

The Rhodes V8 plugin will be priced at £149.95, with the Pro version at £249.95.

Unfortunately, details on Rhodes MK8 appear to be missing in action on the company’s site. Instead, the company wants you to sign up for a trial download and to enter into a contest.


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