Richie Hawtin Live Performance & Rig Tour


This video captures a live techno set by Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, with a system based around Bitwig Studio.

In the second video, embedded below, Hawtin discusses his setup, including his custom API scripts for the Novation Launchpad Pro, AKAI Fire and a custom Yaeltex MIDI conroller to suit his workflow:

Hawtin uses three different controllers for three different tasks:

  • The Novation Launchpad Pro provides direct access to Bitwig’s per-note Operators, so he can manually program rhythms for sounds;
  • The AKAI Fire acts as a classic drum machine sequencer; and
  • His custom Yaeltex externalises his use of Bitwig’s Arpeggiator to write melodies.

Here’s a look at how he uses his custom Yaeltex controller:

See the Bitwig site for details on his setup.


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