Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2, V1.02 Brings New Filters, Granular Synthesis, MPE & More


Rob Papen has just updated SubBoomBass 2 Synthesizer plugin to v1.02 with new zero latency filters, granular synthesis, full MPE support & more. 

The Subboombass 2 has been one of the best bass Synthesizer plugins on the market for a long time. It is characterized above all by a bass-optimized sound engine with which you can build very versatile timbres from scratch and thanks to the built-in sequencer, fat basslines are also possible.

Now Rob Papen and his team have raised the bar again with the free V1.0.2 update that brings many new features. One can speak of a real feature boost for SubBoomBass 2

Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 V1.02

Subboonbass 2 has been improved and expanded in many sections. Let’s start with the visuals where it now has different GUI sizes including 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%. This means that the plugin can also be used on high-resolution screens. To simplify this once again, they also improved the overall GUI, especially in the top section, oscillator, filter, and sequencer interfaces. A new control menu in the upper right corner gives you access to the global features and for checking for updates.

The synthesis options have also been significantly expanded again. Subboombass 2 V1.0.2 features a new grain sample mode aka granular synthesis for the sample content. This significantly expands the sound palette of the synth and this new function is also delivered with a new range of samples. Then, you get new zero latency filter types and a ring modulator. Plus, the post-filter section now has a new distortion mode.

On the modulation side, you get new sources and destinations for the mod matrix, nice. Also, the effects section got an upgrade. It now ships with four additional types including clipper, tremolo, vibrato, and ring modulation effects. An impressive free upgrade for the synthesis engine.

Ratcheting & MPE

The SBB2 users not only get tons of new synthesis features but also new playing features. The sequencer now features ratcheting that opens up new possibilities. Especially friends of space music or Tangerine Dream will be happy about this new functionality.  It also comes with new monophonic play modes (low/high note), full MIDI MPE compatibility (Poly MPE), and an improved polyphonic aftertouch implementation.

Last but not least, SuboomBass 2 comes now with 243 new presets and the ability to order presets by date in the bank manager.

All in all, a nice update that Rob Papen gives us for SubboomBass 2. Many new creative features make the plugin even more solid and versatile.

Rob Papen SubBoomBass V1.02 is a free update for existing SBB2 customers. The plugin is available now for $99/99€.

More information here: Rob Papen


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