Roland Aerophone Pro Version 3.0 Update Adds New Sample & Harmony Features


Roland has released Version 3.0 for the Aerophone Pro, an update that adds Intelligent Harmony and Scale Tune, and lets FANTOM owners import tones created with the synthesizer, including recorded samples.

Here’s what’s new in Aerophone Pro 3.0:

  • The new Intelligent Harmony feature turns performances into diatonic arrangements. Set the key, and the harmony will follow your playing, layering up to four notes at a time. And you can connect a footswitch, like the FS-1-WL, to turn the function on and off and set the key.
  • The Scale Tune Function allows you to set various scales with the choice of pure temperament, equal temperament, Arabic scales, plus your own temperament. You can use a footswitch to set the temperament key as well.
  • The Version 3.0 update also gives you the ability to import new sample types several ways. FANTOM owners can create tones within their synth with user samples and transfer them to the AE-30 via USB. You can also connect a mic to FANTOM, sample acoustic instruments or other external sounds, and import those samples into the Aerophone Pro. Then, export the user scene to a USB flash drive and share it with others.

Details are available at the Roland site.


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