Roland Announces GAIA 2 Synthesizer With Hybrid Wavetable & Virtual Analog Synth Engine


Roland today introduced the GAIA 2, an advanced synthesizer that combines wavetable and virtual analog engines, intuitive sound design workflow, expressive hands-on controls, Model Expansion support and more.

New features in the GAIA 2 include:

  • Updated Workflow – Intuitive one-control-per-function panel layout .
  • Hybrid Sound Engine – GAIA 2’s newly developed hybrid sound engine offers one wavetable oscillator and two virtual analog oscillators .
  • Motional Pad – The Motional Pad brings static sounds to life, adding real-time movement and expression to sounds.
  • Iconic Synth Sounds – supports Model Expansions and other content on Roland Cloud (including the SH-101 Model Expansion pre-installed).

Key Features:

  • The wavetable oscillator can morph between multiple waveforms, for everything from dramatic shifts to slowly evolving textures. Phase and shape modulation option sare also available to distort waveforms. Complementing the wavetable oscillator are twin virtual analog oscillators.
  • GAIA 2 also supports Roland Model Expansions, which recreate iconic synthesizers from the company’s long history. With a dedicated button, users can swap between the built-in sound engine and classics like the JUPITER-8 or JUNO-106. The SH-101 Model Expansion comes pre-installed, and additional titles and accompanying Sound Packs are available on Roland Cloud.
  • One-control-per-function layout and informative display.
  • Touch-controlled Motional Pad that brings static sounds to life. Users can assign nearly any synth or effect parameter to each of the X/Y points and then morph between them by moving a finger on the pad. It’s also possible to record movements to create complex, modulated transformations.
  • Sequencer with Random Pattern feature.
  • “Classic” Roland effects – Over 50 unique MFX types are available, plus a dedicated Chorus section for adding width and dimension. A Reverb/Delay section features a new studio-grade Shimmer Reverb and many other high-quality effect types.
  • Via USB-C, GAIA 2 functions as an audio/MIDI interface for music production apps on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The class-compliant connection is plug-and-play, with no driver installation needed.
  • A USB Type-A port is also available for connecting a USB flash drive for data backup or a standard USB MIDI controller for extended operation.
  • GAIA 2 supports Roland Cloud Connect, an optional wireless adapter for browsing and downloading Roland Cloud content using a mobile device. A Roland Cloud Connect purchase also includes a year of Roland Cloud Pro membership with unlimited use of thousands of sounds, Model Expansions, and much more.

Pricing and Availability:

The GAIA 2 is available now for $899.99.


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