Roland & Serato Celebrate 303 Day With Special Edition 303 + 606 Vinyl


In celebration of ‘303 Day‘, Serato and Roland have introduced a special edition vinyl, created in collaboration with trailblazing DJs J. Rocc, Fast Eddie, Shadow Child and DJ Haus.

They say that the Serato + Roland TB-303 Bass Line / TR-606 Drumatix Control Vinyl will act as both a time capsule and toolkit to honor Roland’s iconic 303 and 606 synthesizers.

The first record pays tribute to the distinctive bass lines of the 303, reinterpreted by hip house pioneer Fast Eddie and influential dance music DJ and producer Shadow Child. The second record simulates the pulsating drum beats of the 606, reinvented by seminal producer DJ Haus and J. Rocc, one of the original turntablists.

The records are designed to show how the revered sounds of Roland’s TR-606 and TB-303 continue to influence the landscape of electronic music today.

Each vinyl was designed with complementary BPMs, allowing for flawless synchronization when played together. DJs can also blend them with their existing record collection or integrate them seamlessly with tracks in their DJ software. The flip side (B & D) of each vinyl offers the Serato control tone for purists.

“When I first heard the 606, it was a revelation – it’s right up there with the best,” said J. Rocc of the legendary synthesizer.

Sharing his deep history with the TB-303 Bass Line, Fast Eddie said, “If it wasn’t for the 303, I wouldn’t even be here right now talking to you. That’s my history.”

The Serato + Roland TB-303 Bass Line / TR-606 Drumatix Control Vinyl is availalbe now. See the Serato site for details.


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