Roland TR-8S, TR-6S Updated With New Sonic Options, Probability Functions


Roland has released TR-8S v2.5 and TR-6S v1.5 firmware, free updates that deliver a stack of new features, including new sonic options, probability functions and more.

Both TRs get six FM-based drum models with the update: kick, snare, tom, clap, percussion, and cymbal. These models include new editable FM parameters which can be controlled from both the TR hardware and TR-EDITOR software.

Rhythm tracks get a dose of unpredictability with a fresh sequencer update that adds probability, sub step probability, and master probability. Probability can bring your drum programming to life by setting percentage values to individual steps that dictate the chance of that step playing. The higher the percentage, the more that note will be played.

The update also lets you assign new sounds to your pattern with random kit and random instrument. This lets you create spontaneous sonic changes to your patterns and then immediately jump back to the original kit.

Finally, the update delivers four new MFX options: Tone Fattener, Vinyl Simulator, Pitch Shifter Delay, and Ha-Dou Reverb.

TR-8S v2.5 and TR-6S v1.5 are available now as free updates.


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