Roland Unveils GP Digital Grand Piano Series


Roland Corporation today announced the GP digital piano series, the latest generation of instruments in the company’s digital piano lineup. The four instruments announced today range from the flagship GP-9 and GP-9M to the mid-size GP-6 to the “uniquely compact” GP-3, and feature, among other things, Bluetooth audio/MIDI connectivity, deep integration with the Roland Piano App and more.

Roland GP-6 digital grand piano

Like traditional acoustic grand pianos, each GP model features a top lid that opens for broader sound projection and an integrated keyboard cover to hide and protect the keys when not in use. Minimalist controls blend into the panel designs “for an organic look.” The GP-9M, GP-9 and GP-6 feature touch buttons that disappear when the backlighting is turned off, maintaining the “acoustic aesthetic” and eliminating distractions while playing.

Every GP model is built around Roland’s advanced Piano Reality approach, a system of connected technologies comprising the sound engine, keyboard, pedals, audio components and speakers. Each section is designed to work together transparently, allowing players to experience the instruments with a high degree of expression and realism.

Four different configurations allow musicians to select a size and feature set that suits their space and needs, while every GP model packs a sound engine that sounds like a full concert-class grand, regardless of physical size.

Roland GP-9 digital grand piano

GP-9 Digital Piano
Roland’s premier grand piano features a large cabinet finished in high-gloss ebony or polished white. Piano Reality Concert modeling recreates every sound-making element of an acoustic piano, from the soundboard material and frame to the strings, hammers and much more.

The 88-note Piano Reality Concert keyboard provides great expression with progressive hammer action; escapement; hybrid wood/molded key construction with Ivory Feel; and advanced acceleration sensing technology (patent pending) for accurate detection of the subtlest playing nuances. Fine details include long key pivot length and haptic vibration that emulates physical resonances from an acoustic piano’s body. High-performance sustain, soft and sostenuto pedals offer weighted feel, damper modeling and support for traditional pedal techniques.

The GP-9 features the Piano Reality Concert projection sound system, where multi-channel amplification, premium audio circuitry and advanced sonic processing come together for a full-surround piano experience. Carefully tuned elements deliver the same bold and immersive sound presentation as a concert grand in a performance hall. Notes naturally move across the sound field in front of the player, mirroring the physical string positions on an acoustic grand’s soundboard.

Audio outputs on the Roland GP-9M digital piano

GP-9M Digital Piano
The GP-9M includes the same flagship sound and features as its sister model, the GP-9, while adding a self-playing moving key function, professional audio outputs (pictured) and a microphone input for singing along through the onboard speaker system.

GP-6 Digital Piano
The GP-6 model offers a “majestic piano presence” with a reduced footprint compared to a larger grand piano.

The GP-6 features the Piano Reality Premium modeling sound engine and keyboard for an exceptional piano experience with unlimited polyphony. The Piano Reality Premium projection sound system delivers a big acoustic voice from the smaller cabinet, enveloping the space around the instrument with immersive tones.

Roland GP-3 digital grand piano

GP-3 Digital Piano
The GP-3 is the most compact and affordable model in the new GP series. With its Piano Reality Standard sound engine and keyboard, this unique instrument offers superior piano performance in a low-profile design to fit any living space. With a front-to-back depth of just 698 mm/27.5″, it easily fits where larger pianos cannot.

Pricing and Availability. The Roland GP-3 is available in the U.S. now starting at $3,999.99. The GP-6 and GP-9 will be available in March starting at $6,299.99 and $10,999.99, respectively. The GP-9M will be available in May starting at $18,999.99. Availability for the GP-6, GP-9 and GP-9M white models will roll out in the coming months, beginning in March.

More information is available on the Roland website.


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