RYK ALGO Complex Oscillator Features ‘Easy To Understand FM With Pretty Twinkly Lights’


RYK has introduced the ALGO quad oscillator module for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

ALGO’s four oscillators can be configured in series or parallel combinations, to create Complex FM or additive sound textures. A unique Algorithm Display indicates the signal flow from one oscillator to another, which they say provides “easy to understand FM with pretty twinkly lights”.

Each oscillator has controls for Level and Frequency, allowing easy adjustment of FM timbres, no menu-diving needed. Modulation inputs for Frequency or Level for each oscillator – patch in a couple of Envelopes, and you have an instant FM synth voice.


  • Four through zero oscillators
  • Harmonic intervals, Fine tune, or Fixed frequency options for each oscillator
  • Amplitude OR Frequency/V/OCT CV inputs for each oscilator
  • 9 FM algorithm combinations
  • Wave Shaping and three types of Wave folding
  • Multi Stage vari speed high quality chorus effect
  • Stereo output, with Pan control for each oscillator in the stereo field
  • Das Blinkenlights

Pricing and Availability:

RYK ALGO is available now for £287.50.


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