SampleScience Intros Super Lynn Drums, A Virtual Instrument Inspired By Vintage Linn Drum Machines


SampleScience has introduced the release of Super Lynn Drums, a virtual instrument inspired by the vintage drum machines of Linn Instruments, including the LM1, LM2, Linn 9000 and Linndrum.


  • A classic 80s drum machine sound recreated with modern tools
  • 4 new 80s-style drum kits
  • 5 variations for a total of 20 drum kits
  • Distortion, delay, and reverb effects
  • A sub-oscillator for thick drums
  • Vinyl and tape layer effects for that organic sound
  • Each drum can be tuned and sent to its own output
  • Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument for Windows and macOS.

Pricing and Availability:

Super Lynn Drums is available now for $20 USD.


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