Sequential Trigon-6 vs Minimoog Head-to-head Comparison


The latest synthlegends video is a head-to-head comparison of the sound of the new Sequential Trigon-6 and the classic Moog Minimoog.

While this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison – the Trigon-6 is a polysynth that features a Moog-inspired voice architecture and the Minimoog Model D is a classic monophonic synth design – the video addresses a common question that many potential buyers have.

Video Summary:

“The TRIGON-6 has a similar architecture like a Minimoog Model D. There are 3 VCO with the same waveforms and a ladder filter.

The T-6 is polyphonic but in this video I played it in unison and tweaked some sounds to get it sounding similar to the Moog. The filter and resonance behavior are different and the oscillators in the Mini sound better IMO. In the T-6 they are a bit harsh whereas the Mini sounds more creamy. In some passages the synths sound very similar, so you can achieve moogish style sounds on the T-6.”


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