Showroom Dummies Live (Vocals & Buchla 200e System)


Synthesist Jeanie shared this live performance of Showroom Dummies. Not the classic Kraftwerk track of the same name, but an original song, with Buchla 200e modular system accompaniment.

Here’s what Jeanie shared about the technical details:

Performance setup: Buchla 200e system + Buchla Music Easel + KeyStep Pro + Strymon blueSky


Showroom Dummies

through the window, there‘s a reflection
alter ego, a void expression
the pain lingers inside leaving no traces
words behind lips, muting in silence

deep in shadow, be with illusions
running echoes, a maze of direction
the tears pour down blurring out faces
enfolded by mist, blocking in distance

now strike a pose, flesh cracking
sway on bones, crowds watching
as cold as stone, hands clapping
false alarms yell under red light

standing in line
all the showroom dummies
hush be quiet
all the showroom dummies


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