Softube Intros Model 80 Five Voice Software Synth, Inspired By Sequential Prophet-5


Softube has introduced Model 80 Five Voice, a new software synth based on the Sequential Prophet-5.

Here’s what they have to say about Model 80 Five Voice:

“With great reverence and proven modeling expertise, we captured every detail of this storied synth’s circuit, interactions, and factory presets. The result is a revelation: the authentic sound, feel, and performance of an industry-defining instrument perfected for modern production. Like a prophecy from 1980 fulfilled, so cometh Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer.”

In addition to the traditional soft synth instrument, Model 80 Five Voice comes with the five modules for Softube Modular, based on sections of the Prophet-5.


  • Based on the industry-defining five-voice polyphonic synth from 1980
  • Sound, interactions, and performance modeled on the original unit
  • Easy recall of original factory presets heard on countless classic recordings
  • An “accurately modeled and versatile” Voice Mod section
  • Workflow enhancements such as poly-portamento glide, Voice Pan Spread, velocity and aftertouch modulation, quantize filter cutoff, DAW sync, an Aging knob, and the Invert Voice Mod button
  • Two versions included: the instrument and five modules for Modular

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Model 80 Five Voice synthesizer is available now with an intro price of $99 USD through June 2nd (normally $159).


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