Solid State Logic Debuts 4000B Dynamics 500 Series Module


Solid State Logic has launched its latest recreation from the SL 4000B console, the 4000 B Dynamics (B-DYN) 500 Series module. Featuring Compressor/Limiter and Gate/Expander sections and dedicated De-Ess mode, the B-DYN module is faithfully modelled on the original circuit design found in the SL 4000 B channel strip, and brings all the tone, punch, and warmth from the SL 4000 B consoles dynamics section to the 500 series format.

Released in 1976, the 4000 B (pictured above) was the first console ever manufactured by Solid State Logic and was famously used in ‘The Stone Room’ at Virgin’s Townhouse Studio (London), Le Studio (Montreal) and Record Plant (LA). It was responsible for countless iconic records, including Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Intruder,’ both of which feature “characterful” compression on drums and vocals. The B-DYN module allows users to add this same sort of heavily colored, grabby, saturated compression to their production toolkit.

The dynamics Section in the SL 4000 B console channel strip was unlike any other SSL channel dynamics module that followed, using the fader VCA as its gain element, rather than a dedicated VCA. It had a design similar to the topology of the SSL Bus Compressor. This VCA ‘feedback’ design has been inherited by the B-DYN module, offering characterful and coloured compression, with its own unique sonic signature – very different from the later E and 9000 Series. These similarities are also evident from B-DYN’s ‘Auto’ release setting, which offers a program-dependent release time as found on the Bus Compressor.

Compressor/Limiter, Gate/Expander and De-Ess (DS). B-DYN’s dynamics processing is divided into two sections, Compressor/Limiter and Gate/Expander. The compressor offers fixed compression ratios 2:1, 4:1, and limiting ratio 10:1. Release times are also fixed at .2, .4, .8, 1.6, and programme dependant ‘Auto’. Setting B-DYN’s Compressor Ratio and Release controls to ‘DS’ the module optimised for reducing sibilance or, De-Essing. The De-Ess ratio is 10:1 with filtered S/C input signal, delivering broadband compression triggered by sibilance typically in vocal sources. The ‘DS’ release is automatically varied in response to the program signal between release rates of 30 & 50 ms – much faster than you would normally expect from an SSL Dynamics section. When the ‘Out’ ratio is selected, the compressor is bypassed. Compressor Ratio & Release in ‘DS’ mode work independently, allowing B-DYN to be used in unique and creative ways. For example, the fast ‘DS’ release can be used without using the ‘DS’ ratio, for aggressive compression effects.

B-DYN’s Gate/Expander section is activated when ‘In’ is selected, acting as a 20:1 Gate or as a 2:1 Expander when ‘Exp’ is selected. B-DYN’s Gate/Expander can be used independently of its Compressor/Limiter.

SSL B-DYN 500 Module Features:

  • Authentic recreation of SL 4000 B consoles dynamics processing
  • Design based on the SSL Bus Compressor
  • Feature Compressor/Limiter & Gate/Expander
  • Feedback design with Peak sensing for aggressive ‘grabby’ character
  • Fixed compression ratios, 2:1, 4:1 & 10:1 with an additional ‘DS’ mode
  • Fixed release times, DS, .2, .4, .8, 1.6 & renowned ‘Auto’
  • Auto make-up gain
  • Sidechain high pass filter
  • Stereo Link mode
  • New (vintage) SSL flavor for your productions

Pricing and Availability. Solid State Logic’s SSL B-DYN 500 Series module is available now at Solid State Logic’s network of authorized dealers and is priced at £499.00, $699.00 and €599.00 (excluding VAT).  For more information please visit the Solid State Logic website.


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