Solid State Logic PlateVerb Now Available


Solid State Logic has introduced PlateVerb, a new audio effect plugin that they say delivers the sound of classic and contemporary reverbs in a streamlined ‘FX pedal’ style interface.

PlateVerb is designed to emulate the distinct sound of classic plate reverb in your DAW, combining two ‘SSL-crafted’ algorithms for Early Reflections and Late Reflections. It offers reverb decay times ranging from a subtle 100 milliseconds to 3 seconds, for a variety of applications.

SSL says that Plateverb can deliver classic plate reverb sound, while also offering features like color adjustment, ducking with external side-chain, and freeze.


  • Early/Late Reflections Control: Blend early reflections and late tail for versatile sound shaping.
  • Diffusion Adjustment: Fine-tune the density of late tail reflections.
  • Decay and Room Size Customization: Tailor the reverb decay time and room size for precise spatial effects.
  • Damping Controls: Limit decay in low/high frequencies for a cleaner sound.
  • Color Adjustment: Modify the harmonic colour to emulate various plate materials.
  • Ducking with Sidechaining: Apply gain reduction based on incoming level, with internal or external sidechain options.
  • Advanced Mix Control: All-in-one control lets you effortlessly blend any combination of wet and dry signals.
  • Freeze and Kill Options: Unique reverb tail manipulation for creative effects.

Pricing and Availability:

PlateVerb is now available as part of SSL Complete, which is included in the ‘complete access’ dual subscription for $19.99/month.


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